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Medication Management Program

Forget to take your medications? Are you concerned about a loved one not taking their medications? Are you concerned about a family member’s medications in a long-term care facility?
We have just the solution for you!

Try our new Rx-Care prepackaged meds program by time of day FREE... it's easy.
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Patients are not required to sign a contract to participate in our program and their only cost is the normal co-pay associated with their insurance.

Multi-dose Packaging:

Multi Dose We package all your medications in an envelope-like reminder system. This includes a carrying box. This is delivered every 28 days. It’s designed to provide maximum safety and convenience. With our system, Xubex® pharmacy will dispense and seal the medication into individual envelopes for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime.

More about Compliance Packaging

A pharmacist's primary responsibility is to instruct a patient on the importance of being compliant in taking medications. Compliance is defined as taking the correct medication at the correct time without missing or taking extra doses. When a person is "non-compliant" with their medication, a number of problems can occur. For instance, missing a few days of a medication for hypertension may increase blood pressure resulting in a stroke. Not finishing a course of antibiotics may result in an infection that requires stronger, more expensive antibiotics. Accidentally taking extra doses of blood thinners may result in internal bleeding or death.

It has been estimated that the annual economic cost of non-compliance exceeds $100 billion a year. We believe that compliance packaging can help decrease or eliminate the following types of non-compliance issues:
  1. Patients taking incorrect doses
  2. Patients taking medication at the wrong time
  3. Patients forgetting one or more doses
  4. Patients receiving unclear or small, unreadable instructions
  5. Patients failing to have refills ordered in a timely manner

The cost of non-compliance is extraordinarily high. Did you know that an estimated 10-25% of all hospital and nursing home admissions are due to non-compliance? This translates into an annual cost of more than 30 billion dollars a year. Not only can non-compliance rob a person of their independence, it can put a heavy financial burden on family members should their loved one be admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Compliance packaging is designed to reduce making errors in taking medication. compliance factors include:
  • Most elderly take 17-24 prescriptions a year
  • according to studies, 58% of the elderly population make errors when taking medicine, according to the American Association for Retired Persons.
  • General population - rates of medication non-compliance range from 20 to 70 percent.
  • Elderly - due to volume of medication, and increasingly compromised physiology.