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Xubex Mobile Services

We are proud to announce the launch of Xubex® Mobile website. Website is designed to provide easy access to medication lists, pricing, medication monograph and program availability. Xubex® mobile also provides an easy way to save at your local pharmacy. Simply clicking on the discount card link to get your mobile copy of the popular Xubex® Drug Discount Card on your mobile device. Present the card to your local pharmacy to save up to 7% off generic medications.

Registered users can utilize Xubex® mobile site to manage their medications. Xubex® mobile is designed to provide easy access to patient medication history including:

  • Prescription details and dispense history
  • Refills and refill order status
  • Shipping and tracking information
  • Request transfers and track transfer status
  • Open and track support ticket
  • Manage reminders
  • Manage patient profile

Having access to your health information anywhere at any time through Xubex® mobile is yet another way Xubex® can help you manage your health and healthcare costs. To start, simply point your mobile device to and start your way to better health.
Xubex Mobile
Xubex Mobile
Xubex Mobile
Xubex Mobile